Our story of success continues.

The beginning of the new century was characterized by stability. Innovative ideas were successfully realized and developed.
In spite of such innovations, Rönisch was affected by the economic downturn during the global financial crisis in 2008. One year later, the merger with the world-famous "Julius Blüthner Pianofortefabrik GmbH", the other quality piano manufacturer in Leipzig, took place.

In October 2009, the "Carl Rönisch Pianofortemanufaktur GmbH" was established and moved to the Blüthner factory in Großpösna nearby Leipzig.

The production processes were re-organized, manufacturing facilities re-designed, and the organizational structure enhanced. Both Blüthner and Rönisch now produce quality German made pianos under the same roof.

In 2010, Rönisch re-designed and upgraded the product range which comprised 3 types of upright pianos and 3 types of grand pianos being offered in 118 cabinet style and colour variations.

The focus on the traditional Rönisch markets in the Pacific Area brought stable growth. In 2011, the total export sales of the company amounted to 62 % again. In 2012, Rönisch came out with the "Carl Rönisch Edition" which is modeled on the pianos that originally established the fame of Rönisch in the 19th century.

The „Carl Rönisch Pianofortemanufaktur“ continues the tradition of the famous name: RÖNISCH.

By maintaining quality and an innovative approach the legacy of Carl Rönisch is fulfilled.

Carl Rönisch would be very proud of his successors who are maintaining the German tradition of
piano making in the production of quality German made pianos in the twenty first century.