The Original RÖNISCH Restoration.

You are possession of a globally renowned brand, whose worth deserves to be maintained.
Let your instrument be attended to by the original manufacturer, where we will ensure that
the distinctive sound of your Rönisch instrument is maintained and enjoyed for decades
to come.

We restore your RÖNISCH instrument faithfully in every detail with original technology and
selected materials. This preserves the tonal body of your piano. We eliminate cracks in the
soundboard, renew old finish layers, and repair bass and treble bridges by crafting brand
new components. We furnish each new string according to the original scale of your
instrument and either repair the action mechanism or install a new one. We restore the
keyboard and renew the original key tops. Finally, the case is refinished according to your
desired veneer and finish selection.

After assessing your instrument, we will make an initial offer in accordance with our
estimation of the possible work needed. Then we can come to an agreement with you on
the desired scope of the restoration. After a payment deposit, we will begin with the
restoration. We leave nothing to chance, but bring all of our experience to the project
so that your RÖNISCH remains what it is -
an investment for generations.

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